Expert removal of diseased, damaged, or dangerous trees

Tree removal is an extremely difficult procedure, so it must be handled by experts, such as our tree specialists. Please contact us for an evaluation and free quote if you need Tigard tree removal services. We also offer services in the surrounding cities of West Linn, Sherwood, and Tualatin.

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Signs you may need tree removal in Oregon:

  • The tree’s roots are damaged, decayed, or severed from the ground
  • The tree or its big branches are leaning to one side
  • The trunks of the trees have large hollows or cavities, indicating disease
  • The bark of the tree is chipping, and the layer underneath is brown and dry
  • The leaves of the tree are gradually losing color
  • The tree is excreting seeds or needle-like material
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Reasons you may need tree removal services

1. Rot and decay of trees

You may need tree removal services if your existing trees are rotting or diseased. The onset of rot and diseases can weaken the foundation of your trees, and the disease can eventually spread to surrounding plants and trees. We try our best to save your damaged and rotted trees, but, in some cases, we may need tree removal services.

2. Obstruction of view

You may opt for tree removal services if your view is obstructed. Clients generally ask for tree trimming services if certain branches obstruct the view from the windows in their homes. But if the trimming of branches isn’t enough, we may need to remove the tree altogether. When possible, we always prefer trimming rather than tree removal.

3. Damaged sidewalks and water lines

Old trees often develop large root systems that break sewers, water lines, and sidewalks. To that end, we often inspect real estate and remove problematic trees that might be damaging surrounding properties or have the risk of damaging sidewalks and water lines.

4. Promoting the growth of other plants

Plants and trees need access to adequate light to grow properly. In some cases, trees with large canopies can prevent other plants from receiving their fair share of sunlight and nutrients, thus stunting their growth. We provide tree trimming or tree removal in Tigard and across Oregon to facilitate the growth of other plants and trees.

5. Proximity to power and communication lines

Tree removal is often necessary when there’s a risk of the tree damaging power and communication lines. We generally provide tree trimming services to prevent it from damaging other surrounding structures and communication lines, but if that’s not enough, tree removal might be necessary.

6. Emergencies

You many need emergency tree removal in the following situations:

  • The tree is partially fallen
  • Large branches of the tree show signs of falling
  • The entire tree or parts of the tree have landed on a structure
  • The tops of the trees have failed and are hanging against other trees
  • Lighting strikes and storms have severely damaged the tree
  • Fallen trees are blocking the driveway or path
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Your options for tree removal services in Oregon:

  • Standard Tree Removal: This includes bringing a tree down, disposing of its limbs, and cutting the larger logs of the tree for firewood, which is left on site.
  • Down-Only Tree Removal: The tree is safely taken down either completely or in smaller pieces, but there’s no cleanup or firewood cutting.
  • Low-Impact Tree Removal: The tree parts are carefully cut and lowered in manageable pieces to preserve and protect the surrounding areas, such as manicured lawns and plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a permit required for tree removal?

Depending on local regulations, a permit may be required for tree removal. It’s crucial to check with the local municipality to ensure compliance.

How much does tree removal typically cost?

The cost of tree removal varies based on factors like size, location, species, and job complexity. Obtain quotes from professionals for accurate estimates.

What are the alternatives to complete tree removal?

Alternatives to complete tree removal include pruning, trimming, or other arboricultural practices. Consult with us to explore options for saving the tree.

Can I remove a tree on my own, or should I hire a professional?

While small trees can be DIY projects, professionals are recommended for larger or more challenging removals due to safety concerns.

How should I prepare for tree removal on my property?

Prepare for tree removal by clearing the area, securing pets, and informing neighbors for a smooth and safe process.



Why Choose Ash Tree Enterprises for tree removal in Tigard?

Ash Tree Enterprises is one of the leading providers of tree services in Oregon. We have a team of tree experts specializing in the most advanced tree services, including tree care, tree trimming, storm damage care, stump grinding, and more. We offer tree removal services in the following locations: Aloha, Aurora, Beaverton, Clackamas, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Newberg, Oregon City, Portland, Sherwood, Tigard, Tualatin, West Linn, Wilsonville, and Woodburn. Please contact us for a free quote for your tree removal in Tigard, Oregon.