Tree removal and maintenance in West Linn, OR

As is true for all of Oregon, the city of West Linn imposes certain restrictions on your ability to remove trees. To preserve the natural beauty and the environment, the city mandates that you need tree removal permits for specific types and protected classes of trees. If you don’t seek the relevant permits, you may have to pay heavy fines. Ash Tree Enterprises has tree specialists who can help you acquire the necessary permits for tree removal in West Linn.

Do I need a permit for tree removal in West Linn?

You don’t need a permit for tree removal for all the trees in West Linn. However, determining whether your specific tree needs a permit is pretty difficult. Several factors determine whether you need a permit, such as a tree’s size, age, location, origins, and whether it belongs to a protected class of groves. The only way to determine if your specific tree needs a tree removal permit is to contact your city offices and local authorities.

safe tree removal in West Linn

Contact a tree specialist in West Linn, Oregon

Ash Tree Enterprises is led by a talented team of arborists, i.e., professionals with specialized training in the management and cultivation of trees and plants. Our arborists can examine your trees, discuss your goals, and determine if you truly need tree removal, tree trimming, or other services. We can also help you acquire tree removal permits, including the application process and the justification for tree removal. Please contact us for a free quote for tree removal in West Linn.