Remove hazardous trees before they become a problem

You may need emergency tree services anytime, without prior warning. In most cases, emergency tree removal situations arise because of unchecked tree diseases or natural calamities, such as storms. If your tree is at a slanted angle or severely damaged or if it poses a danger to people or property, we encourage you to contact us for emergency tree services in Tigard and across Oregon. Our tree specialists carefully identify and remove hazardous trees, ensuring everyone’s safety.

When do you need emergency tree services?

Emergency tree services or emergency tree removal are necessary when certain trees have started collapsing or have a high risk of collapsing. Our tree specialists remove the damaged components of the falling trees or the entire tree to prevent them from collapsing, leading to potential injuries and property damage. You can also contact us for emergency tree services if fallen trees are blocking your path, have crashed through your home, are blocking major thoroughfares, or are destroying swimming pools.

emergency tree services tigard

Possible reasons for emergency tree removal:

  • The tree is starting to fall or has partially fallen already
  • Large branches of the trees show signs of drooping down or falling
  • The tree has already fallen and landed on another structure
  • The top of the tree has already broken off, and it’s suspended on other trees
  • Lightning strikes or storms have severely damaged some trees
  • Fallen trees have blocked off your path
  • The tree is getting too close to power lines, which can be dangerous

Measures to take during an emergency situation

If a tree has fallen already, you must ensure everyone’s safety. Remove people as far from the collapsed structure of the tree as possible, and then contact your tree service providers. You must contact emergency services if someone is hurt, and you should also take pictures of the damage caused by the fallen tree for your home insurance company. Finally, contact us for our emergency tree services in Tigard and across Oregon. We will arrive immediately to assess the situation.


We identify and remove hazardous trees in Oregon

Ash Tree Enterprises is led by tree specialists who specialize in the identification, maintenance, and removal of hazardous trees. If you opt for our arborist services, we will help you identify and remove risky trees or large tree branches before they cause problems. However, if you currently require emergency tree services in Tigard and across Oregon, we can quickly and efficiently trim away the branches of the collapsed tree to secure your property from further damage from the tree.

emergency tree services tigard

Prevent emergencies with regular tree trimming

Even though tree removal emergencies can occur anytime, you can take some steps to minimize the possibility. Regular tree trimming is one of the most effective means of maintaining the overall health of your tree. Our tree specialists will trim away the rotten, diseased, failing, and dying parts of the weak trees to minimize the risk of them falling. We can also identify which trees might be problematic during the freezing rain or windstorm.

Your free quote for emergency tree services in Oregon

Ash Tree Enterprises is the leading tree service company in Sherwood, Oregon. Our team is led by tree specialists with specialized training in the identification and safe removal of hazardous trees. We provide our emergency tree services to the following areas: Aloha, Aurora, Beaverton, Clackamas, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Newberg, Oregon City, Portland, Sherwood, Tigard, Tualatin, West Linn, Wilsonville, and Woodburn. Please contact us for a free quote for your emergency tree services in Tigard and across Oregon.