Providing tree removal and maintenance in Lake Oswego

Residents and commercial properties in Lake Oswego often need a tree removal permit to remove certain trees. Developers and homeowners must be careful while removing trees and only do so under special circumstances because tree removal affects the ecology and aesthetic appearance of the environment and city. If you remove an unwanted tree without the proper tree removal process, you may have to pay excessive fines.

Do I need a permit for tree removal in Lake Oswego?

All trees don’t need permits for removal in Lake Oswego, but some do, and determining which tree requires a tree removal permit can be difficult. You may need to determine if your unwanted tree falls within your property or a shared commercial property or if it falls within a protected zone or category. In order to determine if you need a permit for tree removal in Lake Oswego, you need to contact the appropriate local authorities and officials.

Contact a tree specialist in Oregon

Tree specialists are experts with years of specialized training in the management and cultivation of plants and trees. Tree specialists can help with the permit process, including the paperwork, filing, permitting process, thus expediting the process.



Claim your free quote in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Ash Tree Enterprises is available to help you through every step of your tree removal process in Lake Oswego. If you don’t already have a permit, please contact our arborists to determine if you need a permit. They will help with the permit process and then curate a personalized strategy for tree removal using the safest methods. Please contact us for a free quote for tree removal in Lake Oswego, Oregon.