We'll walk you through the tree removal process in Sherwood

Sherwood has strict guidelines about tree removal within the city limits. Whether you’re a homeowner or developer, you need to get the necessary permits to remove unwanted trees or else face significant fines. The city mandates tree removal in Sherwood permits to preserve the city’s natural ecosystem and beauty, especially since careless tree removal can significantly damage the surrounding trees and plants. Ash Tree Enterprises is led by professional arborists who can help you determine if you need tree removal permits and facilitate the process.

Do I need a permit for tree removal in Sherwood?

All trees don’t need permits for removal. Most people can remove small trees that are less than 10” in diameter without seeking permits, and you can also remove fruit trees without permits. However, determining exactly which trees can be removed with or without permits is difficult. If you accidentally remove a protected tree without permits, you may have to pay extensive fines. That’s why it’s best to err on the side of caution — contact your city offices and local authorities to determine if you need a permit for tree removal in Sherwood.

Land Clearance

Land clearance involves the removal of vegetation, debris, and obstructions to prepare your property for construction, farming, or other purposes, such as reducing the risk of wildfires. Our experienced team utilizes advanced techniques and equipment to efficiently clear your land. We prioritize environmental responsibility, employing practices that minimize disruption to surrounding ecosystems. Let us handle the entire land clearance process, from tree removal and stump grinding to thorough debris removal. Contact Ash Tree Removal for land clearance in Sherwood.

Contact a tree specialist in Sherwood, Oregon

Ash Tree Enterprises is led by a team of highly-skilled arborists who have decades of experience in tree management, maintenance, and cultivation, and they can help you determine if you need tree removal permits. We can also guide you through the entire permit approval process, including the application, offering relevant justifications for tree removal, and more. If you have an unwanted tree you want to remove, please contact us for a free quote for tree removal and land clearance in Sherwood, Oregon.