Emergency tree services handle tree damage caused by storms

Storm damage is one of the primary reasons for collapsed trees. In some cases, storms can also bring down extremely healthy trees or their branches, resulting in possible injuries or damages to property. If you’re fortunate, the branches and collapsed tree components should only fall into your yard, but they can also get swept up and damage your car, house, or other people because of strong winds. Ash Tree Enterprises offers comprehensive emergency tree services to handle the damage caused by storms.

The importance of professional storm-damaged tree services

If large branches and trees have fallen into your yard because of storms and heavy winds, you must call reputable and reliable tree specialists. Our professional experts use various professional tools, such as cables, ropes, and more, to identify and remove damaged trees and tree branches. We also identify how the damaged branches interact with other trees and electrical lines to prevent them from causing unwanted accidents or spillover damages.

Signs indicating you may need storm-damaged tree services:

  • Rainwater is pooling around the base of the tree, indicating a weakened base.
  • The tree is leaning or bending, indicating it might fall down because of wind.
  • The tree is surrounded by cracked or buckling soil, indicating insufficient support.
  • The roots on the opposite side of the tree are pulling upwards.
  • There are cavities, signs of severe decay, and pockets in the tree branches.
  • Some of the tree branches are partially detached or hanging downwards.
  • Various tree branches are leaning against power lines, risking electrical problems.

Risks of removing storm-damaged trees without professional training

You might be tempted to grab a chainsaw and clear out the yard yourself, but large broken branches and damaged trees should only be handled by professionals. If you cut the wrong parts of the damaged trees, you might lead to additional branches falling down, causing additional damage to electrical lines, property, or yourself. Please contact us for professional storm-damaged tree services.

The following are the risks of removing storm-damaged trees yourself:

  • You might damage surrounding power lines and electrical wires while untangling the branches, leading to potentially fatal electrocution injuries.
  • You may cut the wrong parts of the tree or branches, making additional branches fall down.
  • You may damage essential structures of the tree, making it fall down on yourself, someone else, or property, leading to severe injuries or property damages.
  • You may suffer from injuries from chainsaws or other dangerous tools, especially while using those tools on large trees that can behave unpredictably.
  • You may fall off a ladder or roof while cutting off higher branches, leading to severe injuries.



Your free quote for storm damage services in Oregon

Ash Tree Enterprises is the leading tree service provider in Oregon, led by a team of talented tree specialists. Our tree specialists have decades of collective experience, specializing in emergency tree services and emergency tree removal after heavy storms. We provide services to the following locations: Aloha, Aurora, Beaverton, Clackamas, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Newberg, Oregon City, Portland, Sherwood, Tigard, Tualatin, West Linn, Wilsonville, and Woodburn. Please contact us for a free quote for your storm damage services.