Your personalized tree maintenance in Newberg

Homeowners and developers in Newberg need tree removal permits if they want to remove certain trees, even if the tree is within private property. That’s because tree removal is an extremely invasive procedure that can have significant effects on the general ecology and appearance of the city. If you don’t seek the necessary permits for tree removal in Newberg, you might face extensive fines. Ash Tree Enterprises is led by tree specialists who can help with the permit process and curate personalized strategies for tree removal in Newberg.

Do I need a permit for tree removal in Newberg?

You may need a permit for tree removal in Newberg if your tree falls within a protected class or zone. If your tree is one of many protected types, such as a significant tree/ grove, historic tree/ grove, landscape tree, or one belonging to a significant natural resource zone, you may need tree removal permits. To determine if you need a permit for tree removal, please contact the relevant local authorities and city officials — our arborists can also help with permits and expedite the process for you.



Contact a tree specialist in Newberg, Oregon

Arborists are tree experts with specialized training in the management and cultivation of trees and plants. If you’re looking for tree removal services, you must enlist the support of tree specialists. They can accompany you through every step of the process, from the permit approval process to the final removal of unwanted trees.

When you contact our experts, we ensure you are supported through every step of the tree removal process, so you don’t have to worry about paying heavy fines. Please contact us for a free quote for tree removal in Newberg.