The safe removal and maintenance of trees in Milwaukie

Milwaukie has extremely strict tree removal requirements and standards that must be followed. Homeowners and developers can only remove certain trees after undergoing a thorough approval process. If you remove a tree without the necessary permit, you may face fines of up to $20,000, even if the unwanted tree was considered a hazard. Ash Tree Enterprises helps you with the permit process so you don’t face fines, and we curate personalized strategies for the safe removal of unwanted trees from your property.

The importance of contacting a professional arborist

Removing a tree is an extremely difficult process, and it should only be handled by trained arborists. An arborist is a tree expert with years of specialized training in arboriculture, i.e., the management and cultivation of plants and trees.

You must contact a trained arborist at the initial stages to help you with every aspect of the tree removal process. The arborist can assess the unwanted trees and curate the ideal plan of action to have them removed safely. Furthermore, they help you with the permitting process, including the application, providing the justification for tree removal, and more so you don’t risk landing heavy fines later in the future.

Claim your free quote in Milwaukie, Oregon

Ash Tree Enterprises is led by a talented team of tree specialists who curate personalized tree removal strategies according to the strict standards of the American National Standards Institution (ANSI). As such, you can relax with the knowledge that the tree won’t fall onto other properties or people and that there won’t be any complications. Please contact us for a free quote for your tree removal services in Milwaukie, Oregon.