Guiding you through the tree removal process in Wilsonville

If you want to remove a specific tree, you need to have the relevant permits from the city of Wilsonville. Generally speaking, permits are necessary for the removal of all trees belonging to a protected class, category, or location. If you don’t seek the relevant permits, you may have to pay heavy fines down the line. However, determining if your specific tree needs a tree removal permit is fairly difficult — our arborists can help with the permit process for tree removal in Wilsonville.

Valid reasons for tree removal in Wilsonville:

  • The tree is hazardous, i.e., it poses a risk to other people or properties
  • The tree is extremely close to power and electrical lines
  • The tree may damage properties or electrical lines during heavy winds
  • The tree is slanted or tilted, indicating that it may fall over or break
  • The tree has an invasive root system that’s damaging the sidewalk
  • The tree is obstructing your view from your home
  • The tree is harming other plants and trees in the region
  • The tree is severely damaged, diseased, or rotten

Even if your tree meets all of the aforementioned reasons for tree removal, you still need a permit, especially if your tree belongs to a protected class. If you accidentally remove a protected tree without seeking the relevant permits, you may have to pay heavy fines. However, if you need an emergency tree removal to prevent severe damages, please contact our expert arborists — we will determine if you need permits and facilitate the process.

Contact a tree specialist in Wilsonville, Oregon

Ash Tree Enterprises is led by a group of highly-skilled arborists. If you’re uncertain about the permit process, please enlist the services of our arborists and tree surgeons. We will examine the tree, determine if you need tree removal, and work out the details of the permit process, including the application and justification for tree removal. Please contact us for a free quote for tree removal in Wilsonville.