Let us help you with your tree maintenance and removal in Tualatin

Trees are essential for the natural beauty and healthy ecology of a city like Tualatin. That’s precisely why the city has taken active measures to dissuade tree removal in Tualatin and preserve the city’s natural beauty. If you want to remove a particular tree, you need to seek the relevant tree removal permits from your city offices and local authorities. Ash Tree Enterprises is led by expert arborists with the expertise to help you get the relevant permits and safely remove unwanted trees.

Valid reasons for tree removal in Tualatin:

  • Hazardous trees that may damage your property or injure people
  • Hazardous trees that are leaning too heavily on one side
  • Hazardous trees that may fall off or lead to broken branches
  • Severely damaged, decaying, rotted, or diseased trees
  • Trees that can damage other surrounding trees and plants
  • Trees that prevent sunlight from reaching other plants
  • Trees that are severely damaged because of storms and heavy winds
  • Invasive trees with extensive root systems that are damaging sidewalks
  • Trees that block sunlight, obstruct your view, or cause conflict between neighbors

Even if you have valid reasons to remove the unwanted tree, you still need the relevant permits. The fine for removing protected trees can be pretty heavy, even if the tree is hazardous. That’s why you must always determine if you need a permit for tree removal in Tualatin before taking action.

land clearance Tualatin

Land Clearance

If you need professional land clearance in Tualatin, look no further than our team at Ash Tree Enterprises. Land clearance involves the removal of vegetation, debris, and obstacles to prepare your property for various purposes, such as construction, farming, or recreational activities. With our expertise and specialized equipment, we efficiently clear your land, ensuring a safe and clean environment. Trust us to handle all aspects of land clearance, from tree removal and stump grinding to thorough debris cleanup.

Contact a tree specialist in Tualatin, Oregon

Ash Tree Enterprises is led by trained arborists with decades of collective experience in the management, cultivation, and maintenance of trees across Oregon. Our experts can assess your trees, determine if you truly need tree removal, and help you procure the relevant permits for tree removal. Please inform us if you need us to help with permits. Our arborists will also curate personalized strategies to remove unwanted trees without damaging the surrounding trees and landscape. Please contact us for a free quote for tree removal or land clearance in Tualatin.