Lead Generation with Ash Tree Enterprises is a unique opportunity for those looking to take their company to the next level. The professionals at Ash Tree Enterprises know exactly how to get you in touch with new clients. Unlike other lead generation companies, we are actively working in the industry adapting our marketing as times change. Our program allows you to have exclusive leads that are not shared with any of your competitors. We work for you. The zip codes you ask us to target are for your company alone, meaning we will not advertise any other company in that zip code.


    Comprehensive lead generation consulting services

    Our sales and lead generation teams help you grow your business and generate revenue. We utilize proven lead generation techniques based on actual results, ensuring your company receives high-quality leads that you can convert into sales. We take a customizable, scalable, direct, and realistic approach to lead generation, helping you reign supreme over your chosen zip codes. We believe that marketing isn’t enough to see actual results — you need foresight and active strategies for a return on investment.

    What we do

    Exclusive leads

    We never share your leads with other competitors — your leads are exclusively yours. If we’re targeting certain zip codes for your company, you can rest assured we won’t market other tree companies in those zip codes. This ensures that you can dominate over your chosen zip codes without competition.


    Thanks to advanced geo-targeting capabilities, we can market your services to specific neighborhoods and streets within your chosen zip codes. Your mailings and marketing material will be sent to extremely precise streets and regions, ensuring optimal returns on investment. Give us a call to start receiving personalized and targeted leads today.

    Immediate Connections

    We maintain a streamlined and transparent lead generation process that allows you to connect with your leads immediately — no delays or complications. The directness and transparency of our lead generation process ensure superior results compared to traditional advertising methods, such as coupons, online advertising, pay-per-click, and lead referral services.

    Goals of consultations:

    • Identify your brand’s true identity, message, personality, and differentiation.
    • Focus your messages and marketing efforts to target the correct markets and demography.
    • Develop unique, scalable, comprehensive lead generation strategies for your business.
    • Create compelling content and marketing strategies to attract clients and generate revenue.
    • Accompany your business as it grows and becomes more successful within your field.

    Benefits of lead generation services:

    • Generate leads from specific subsections and neighborhoods within chosen zip codes
    • 100% exclusive leads that are never shared with competitors
    • Lower cost-per-lead than traditional advertising solutions
    • You only pay for actual leads — no ongoing subscriptions



    Contact us for consulting services

    Ash Tree Enterprises is led by expert and professional arborists, tree surgeons, and business experts who have successfully run numerous tree service companies in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Oregon. We currently provide tree services to thousands of clients in Oregon, serving the communities in Aloha, Aurora, Beaverton, Clackamas, Hillsboro, and more. If you want to expand your business and generate revenue, please contact us for more information.